Symposium Proposals - Instructions

Submission Deadline: May 17, 2023


Important to know before you submit:

  • Submissions must be relevant to the conference themes, 1) Biomaterials and Bioinks, 2) Biofabrication Methods and Technologies, 3) Biofabrication and Applications, 4) Advanced Biomedical Imaging, 5) Modeling and Machine Learning in Biofabrication, 6) Technology Translation and Commercialization.
  • All proposals will be evaluated by the Program Chairs based on the following criteria:
    • Scientific impact and relevance to the conference themes
    • Scientific merits of the Organizer(s) and Keynote Speaker
  • Upon the approval of proposed symposium, the Conference will provide complimentary registration or the same value of honorarium to the Keynote Speaker.
  • Note the Conference reserve the right to cancel the approved symposium if critical attention has not been received from the registrants.
  • The typical symposium is comprised of one keynote (30 minutes) and 4-6 presentations (each 15 minutes) invited or selected from submitted abstracts.
  • Organizers are highly encouraged to seek and invite potential sponsors / exhibitors to the proposed symposium. For more information on the sponsorship and benefits, please contact the Sponsorship and Exhibit Sales Manager at [email protected]  

Symposium Proposal

Proposed Topic: 5~10 words 

Brief Description of Symposium: Please be specific and succinct with ~150 words to briefly describe the scientific impact of proposed symposium and relevance to the conference.

Organizer(s):  Name(s), Affiliation(s), and Email Address(es). The organizer(s) will also serve as the chair(s) of symposium.   

Keynote Speaker: Name, Affiliation, Email Address

Additional Speakers if any: Names, Affiliations, Email Addresses

Conference/Symposium Advertising: Briefly explain how the organizer(s) will advertise the conference/symposium to gain more registrants, sponsors, and/or exhibitors (via, for example, websites, newsletters, facebook, twitter, linkedin). ~50 words 

Potential Participants, Sponsors and Exhibitors: Information on the potential registrants (or target audience), sponsors, and exhibitors, including those from, e.g., institutions, industry, students and community, and organizations.  ~50 words