Travel & Leisure

Things to Do

    • Looking for things to do on your free time or thinking of bringing your family with you? Saskatoon is one of Canada’s most talked-about destinations. It is the place to experience local eateries, bustling nightlife, river trails, and other outdoor spaces as well as cultural institutions and museums. Saskatoon has a number of one-stop shopping centres for your convenience that are easy to get to and will satisfy any diehard shopper.
    • Not only will you find the basics, but you’ll also find that special something at one of the exciting new shops at malls such as The Centre on 8th Street East and Midtown in downtown Saskatoon.
    • Whatever your leisure style is, you will not be disappointed in what you find in Saskatoon.


    • The foodie in you is sure to be satisfied as Saskatoon has a bounty of options (Saskatchewan is, after all, the bread basket of Canada). Their brilliant food masters have infused local ingredients into their menus to create wild pairings and scrumptious meals. Though located in the centre of Canada you wouldn’t know it by the spins on Mexican, Burmese, Indian, Thai, and Jamaican food you can find!  Places to eat in Saskatoon will more than satisfy any dietary requirements you may have.


    • Immerse yourself in unique experiences hosted by passionate people who love what they do! The choice is yours: Distillery tours, mixology classes, culinary journeys, community showcases, and luxurious indulgences are just some of the offerings Saskatoon has for you. This all-season destination has pulled together some of the most exciting experiences that will entice any type of person. You may even want to stay longer to ensure you experience it all!

City Passes

    • The ICB 2023 has partnered with Discover Saskatoon to ensure you leave with the best memories of this beautiful city ass physically possible. You and your family can sample a little of everything Saskatoon has to offer with this FREE City Pass which includes restaurants, experiences, retail, and culinary options. Be sure to take part in these special offers from participating establishments.