Post-Conference (September 20) Workshop Proposals – Instructions

Submission Deadline: May 17, 2023


Important to know before you submit:

  • Examples of post-conference workshop are of technical training, education, funding resources/topics, diversity/inclusion, targeted research areas and/or technologies, and tours of important national facilities.
  • It is not required for workshops to be relevant to the Conference themes though it is required to describe the scope and format of workshop in the proposal.
  • All workshops will be evaluated by the Program Chairs based on the following criteria:
    • Relevance to the International Society of Biofabrication (ISBF) mission or
    • Significance to the innovation, technology, or research ecosystems in Saskatchewan.
  • All proposed workshops will take place on September 20 (Wednesday), 2023.
  • The duration of a post-conference workshop is typically 2-3 hours, with a separate registration fee; the registration fee will be determined to cover the costs of A/V equipment, coffee break, and lunch of the workshop participants.
  • The organizer(s) will be responsible for planning the workshop agenda, inviting, and informing speakers and participants, and advertising the workshop upon its approval.
  • The conference may not provide financial support to the speakers and/or workshop participants, unless specific sponsorship(s) is secured by the workshop organizers.
  • Organizers are highly encouraged to seek and invite potential sponsors / exhibitors to the proposed workshops. For more information on the sponsorship and benefits, please contact the Sponsorship and Exhibit Sales Manager at [email protected]  

Post-Conference Workshop Proposal

Proposed Topic: 5~10 words 

Brief Description of Workshop: Please be specific and succinct with ~150 words to briefly describe the scope, format, and duration (2-3 hours) of proposed workshop.

Organizer(s):  Name(s), Affiliation(s), and Email Address(es). The organizer(s) will also serve as the chair(s) of workshop.   

Invited Speaker: Name(s), Affiliation(s), Email Address(es)

Conference/Workshop Advertising: Briefly explain how the organizer(s) will advertise the conference/workshop to gain more registrants, sponsors, and/or exhibitors (via, for example, websites, newsletters, facebook, twitter, linkedin). ~50 words 

Potential Participants, Sponsors and Exhibitors: Information on the potential registrants (or target audience), sponsors, and exhibitors, including those from, e.g., institutions, industry, students and community, and organizations.  ~50 words