Abstract Submission Deadline


Abstract submissions are now open! Authors are invited to submit abstracts by June 7th, 2023.

Technical Themes

Abstracts should generally fall within the following themes: 

1. Biomaterials and Bioinks
2. Biofabrication Methods and Technologies
3 Biofabrication and Applications
4. Advanced Biomedical Imaging
5. Modeling and Machine Learning in Biofabrication
6. Technology Translation and Commercialization

Sub Themes

Above Theme 3 has 4 sub-themes, which are:

3.1 Biofabricating Tissue Scaffolds / Constructs and Tissue Engineering
3.2 Biofabricating Tissue Models and Applications
3.3 Biofabrication and Bio-Agriculture
3.4 Biosensor and On-Chip Technologies


1. biomaterials, bioinks, biopolymers
2. biofabrication, electrospinning, 3D / 4D printing, bioprinting, light-based printing, ink-jet printing
3.1 scaffolds, constructs, cells, skin tissue engineering, cartilage tissue engineering, bone tissue engineering, nerve tissue engineering, cardiovascular tissue engineering, urogenital (bladder, urethra, kidney) tissue engineering, liver tissue engineering, gastrointestinal tissue engineering, other tissue engineering, vascularization, controlled release, medicine regeneration
3.2 tissue models, disease models, drug development, vaccine development, combating infectious diseases
3.3 bioproduction, green biofabrication, plant cells, plant-based biomaterials
3.4 biosensors, organ/lab-on-chip, diagnosis
4. advanced imaging methods, imaging of tissues and scaffolds
6. Regulations, technology translation, commercialization
6. modeling, simulation, monitoring, machine learning