Senior Investigator Award

The purpose of the ISBF’s Senior Investigator Award is to recognize a senior investigator who has made significant scientific contributions to the field of biofabrication.

Award Eligibility
The nominated individuals must have received their terminal degree 10 years or more from the time of the award and be actively contributing to the field of biofabrication. An individual nominated for the ISBF’s Senior Investigator Award MUST be an active registered member of the ISBF and MUST physically attend the 2023 Biofabrication Conference in Saskatoon, Canada.

Award Criteria
The Prize will be awarded to a senior investigator that has addressed one or more of the following topics in their research:

  • design, synthesis and/or characterization of new printable biomaterials
  • design, fabrication and/or validation of novel biomedical devices and/or fabrication processes
  • implementation of novel physical, mathematical or informatics models for the prediction, characterization and and/or analysis of biomedical devices
  • development of novel tools for biofabrication
  • development of novel in vitro biofabricated models
  • development of novel applications or the translation of biofabricated constructs to preclinical or clinical practice
  • industrial realization of a device, process or materials for applications in Biofabrication

Candidates that demonstarte active ISBF participation and foster collaborative projects or initiatives that promote community contributions will be favoured.

The ISBF Awards Committee will select the Senior Investigator. The award winner receives

  • Invitation to speak for 20 minutes at the Biofabrication 2023 Closing Ceremony
  • Lifetime Honorary ISBF Membership
  • A plaque

Application Procedure and Deadlines

  1. Each candidate is nominated in secret by at least two society members that send the nomination via a single e-mail message to the Awards Committee Chair, Dr. Gabriella Lindberg ([email protected]) or, if Dr. Gabriella Lindberg is a nominee or nominator, to the ISBF President, Dr. Tim Woodfield ([email protected]).
  2. The society members that nominate a candidate should also provide the following as a single *.PDF file:
    1. Affiliation and Contact – no more than one page (form on Biofabrication Awards webpage)
    2. Nominee’s curriculum vitae – no more than 6 pages (0.5 inch margins and 11 point font)
    3. Three letters of recommendation
    4. One page summary of the nominee’s major accomplishments (0.5 inch margins, 11 point font).
  3. The nomination messages must have a send date and time no later than 9PM(US Pacific time) August 14, 2023. Notification of Award: August 28th, 2023.

Selection Criteria
The candidatures will be examined and evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Overall level of productivity in the area of Biofabrication – The candidate’s number of publications, books, citations and h index should be high together with evidence of international fellowships, keynotes/pleanries and significnat funding support.
  • Significant contribution to the area of Biofabrication – The candidate’s contributions to the field should extend beyond their individual research, and can include commitment to ongoing professional development and workforce development (number of students and post-doctoral scientists), leadership roles, service to scientific communities and/or their ability to work collaboratively with others in the field to drive the discovery and implementation of new phenomena.
  • Innovation in the field of Biofabrication – The candidate’s research should have made a significant impact on the field, which should demonstrate innovation, creativity or ideas that advance the field of biofabrication and the adoption or implementation of their work by others.
  • Other achivments and contributions to ISBF – The awards commitee may consider other contributions, which can include the candidate’s service to the society, contribution to positive change, outreach and work to increase ISBF’s international standing. 

Review Committee Decision and Announcement
The Awards Committee consists of 7 members of the International Society of Biofabrication. If one of the candidates is on the Awards Committee, they cannot participate in the review or final decision. If a nominator is on the Awards Committee, they cannot vote on or discuss their nominee but can rank the other nominees.